3D figurines
how does it work ?

watch the Effigy production process video

the production process is quite simple :

  • we scan people (in a flash time),
  • we 3d modelise them  (digital sculpture artist)
  • we 3D color print their effigy (on a semi industrial color sandstone printer)

Figurines’s material is a gypsum-based mineral composite, that feels like sandsone, colored in the mass, about 2/3 mm thickness.

3D scan preparation : what to wear ?

Our 3D photogrammetric system analyses volume and surface details. Although it works in very high resolution (1.5 billiard pixels), some materials are not suited for 3D modeling…

in order to get the best 3D figurine result,

on scanning day, please avoid…

  • black or very dark clothes

  • shiny materials

  • see-through / transparent materials, as tulle...

  • glasses (too thin to 3D-print)

  • stiletto heels (too thin to 3D print)

fathers’day 2015 video clip

3D selfies 3D and avatars

We can also deliver your 3D portrait as a 3D video animation, or as a 3D avatar (easy on-line application at sketchfab.com)

Objet creation from a drawing

A new dimension for pictures
Change a kid’s drawing into an actual object ; give us a sketch, we will extrude it and create volume out of it to 3Dprint an object, with the originals colors…

48h express production

We guarantee the fastest high-end 3D figurines production in Paris, because we operate a 3D color printer on site ; your statuette will be ready within only 48h
(48h is the minimum working time for modelisation processing, digital sculpture retouching, 3D printing and surface finishing).

If you can’t take delivery in Paris, we will ship it to your place, anywhere in the world